With extensive know-how, many years of experience, and a clear view of the essentials, El Camino can make a valuable contribution to your success. Translated from Spanish, El Camino means “the path”, and stands for our mission, which is to guide and support development activities to a successful conclusion. We acquired our expertise as support employees at chip manufacturers and through a variety of development projects in different industries.


  • Functional verification
  • Programmable logic in general
  • High speed I/O – transceivers
  • Board layout
  • EMC

What El Camino can offer you:

  • You will be contacted within 24 hours and receive a detailed quote (in some cases, individual details must first be clarified)
  • Upon request, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can be concluded
  • If required, we can assist you by phone, email, at our location, or on-site

Other services:

  • Long-term, extensive consulting contracts
  • Consulting for selecting and implementing programmable logic or methods for verification
  • “On the job training” if you are just entering the field of programmable logic and would like to successfully implement your first project with qualified support

Your first step:

  • Contact El Camino at no obligation:
    Phone: + 49 - 8751 - 8787 -0
  • Describe the task
  • Send us design data or other documentation, which will of course be handled with confidentiality, via email
  • Download El Camino’s PGP key for your confidential data from the Contact page