The Design Solutions Network (DSN) is a global ecosystem of independent qualified companies offering an extensive range of FPGA, embedded, systems, and Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions design expertise; board, Intel FPGA® and Structured ASIC intellectual property (IP), and EDA products; and training to customers to accelerate time to market and lower product development risk.  Working closely with Intel, El Camino is an indispensable source to help you with anything from selecting the right IC devices for a new product design to multi-board system level design or IP integration.



The Cadence® Connections® Verification Program brings together a worldwide network of services, training, and IP development experts that support Cadence verification solutions. Based on years of experience in re-usable verification intellectual property (VIP), El Camino helps you accelerate the adoption of new technologies and improve the productivity of your verification teams.



Foretellix’s mission is to enable ‘measurable safety’ of autonomous vehicles, enabled by a transition from measuring ‘quantity of miles’ to ‘quality of coverage’. Foretellix tackles the most challenging barrier to autonomous vehicle deployment – Safety: ensuring the autonomous vehicle behaves properly under all possible driving conditions including edge cases. Foretellix develops intelligent automation and analytic tools to orchestrate and monitor 100’s of millions of driving scenarios including edge cases, providing the confidence required to allow broad deployment of autonomous vehicles and to unleash the full potential of the autonomous revolution.

El Camino is a member of the Foretellix M-SDL ( Measurable Scenario Description Language) partner program.