Layout services have been a part of the spectrum at El Camino since its inception. With our own production line, activities in the area of EMI suppression and our own circuit design, valuable practical experience can be consistently incorporated into the layout. Even modern FPGAs with up to 28 Gbps transceivers, 800 MHz DDR3-SDRAM interfaces, analogue PLLs and more than 1000 I/Os place great demands on the layout. Only a systematic approach, supported with simulations and experience can lead to high quality, cost-efficient PCBs that are optimized for production.

For layout of systems, our services include the following:

  • Multilayer (up to 20 layers implemented many times, up to 30 is possible)
  • Rigid Flex Circuits (RFC)
  • Micro Via technology
  • HDIS (High-Density Interconnection Structures)
  • Impedance controlled design
  • Routing adjusted to signal propagation delays