From the idea to the production-ready product, from small PLDs to complex systems, El Camino offers a comprehensive spectrum of services. We use a wide palette of the latest technologies and develop custom-tailored hardware and software solutions for our clients. In particular, our experience with very demanding applications like multi-gigabit transceivers, memory interfaces of the highest band width, or high resolution AD/DA converters enables us to achieve the best possible results.

Quality, performance, energy consumption, production and development costs, availability, and precision are only a few of the many parameters that have to be coordinated during development. Our project managers and developers listen to your wishes during planning and implementation, and with their extensive know-how they can suggest various possible solutions. Last but not least, we guarantee a consistently optimal result, coordinated with the respective requirements.

The services we offer include the following:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Layout
  • Test design
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • EMC testing and optimization
  • Production and testing for small series production
  • Management and support for large series production