High Speed I/O – Transceiver

Multi-gigabit designs require more than a functioning FPGA. El Camino offers extensive support for planning, development, and testing of PCB layouts and circuits with fast transceivers, like those found today in Stratix V GT components.

PCB design

  • Impedance controlled design for fast signals
  • Layout of high pin count BGAs
  • Multilayer up to 30 layers

Simulation and measurements

  • Modeling and simulation of critical multi-gigabit signals
  • Impedance measurement of arbitrary signals on the PCB (rho measurement)
  • Coordination of quadripole parameters
  • Cross talk, slew rate  and propagation delay measurements
  • Targeted analysis and preparation of suggestions for improvement

Laboratory equipment:

  • Sampling scope (20 GHz)
  • Vector network analyzer
  • Pulse generator (20 GHz)
  • Spectrum analyzer